Disclosure Talk ‘Settle’ Influences and Beating Kendrick Lamar at Ping-Pong

Photo courtesy of Disclosure Facebook

It’s been a big week so far for up-and-coming British dance duo Disclosure. They announced the title of their debut album Settle and today disclosed that they’ve signed to  Cherrytree/Interscope. What does their new record entail? Standing at 14 tracks with a couple of interludes, the album will be a continuation of their excellent 2012 The Face EP. “It has the same vibe: house, garage, two-step, some throwback to the old-school days and then some fresh stuff,” Guy Lawrence told Hive backstage at Coachella last weekend. “We were listening to lots of Detroit-Chicago house music from the ‘90s and a lot of garage music from the UK, and things going on like Jai Paul.” His younger brother Howard added, “We’ve been listening to loads of hip hop. The stuff we’ve done already is influenced production-wise by J. Dilla and DJ Premier.” Guy continued, “The way I program and try to mix drums is based on J. Dilla. He was the best at it.”

Fans of “White Noise,” last year’s UK #2 single with AlunaGeorge, will appreciate that the pair are hinting at similar songs. “The vocal[s are] influenced by classic songwriting,” Guy said. “I used to listen to loads of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. If you listen to ‘White Noise,’ it’s not actually a house song, it’s a pop song. It has verse-chorus. It’s got meaning behind it and some structure. The idea of that runs throughout the album.”

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