Rediscovering Somalia’s Pre-War Pop

Every week or thereabouts, Mutant Dance Moves takes you to the shadowy corners of the dancefloor and the fringes of contemporary electronic music, where new strains and dance moves are evolving.

Back in late 2011, publicist, music enthusiast and scholar Brian Shimkovitz decided to take his side-gig blogging for his Awesome Tapes from Africa site to the next level, starting a record reissue label championing the pantheon of unheralded music to be had on that continent. Only three releases in (with copious other gems to be found on the blog itself), the label has already explored folk music from Mali and drum-machine propelled pop from Ghana, and this week sees the release of Somalian funk group, Dur-Dur Band. To help celebrate, Shimkovitz put together an exclusive mix of Somalian pop from the early ’90s for MTV Hive:

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