Watch Bad Cop Break Hearts in "Chicago Lady" Video

Relatable dating scenarios play out in Bad Cop’s new video for “Chicago Lady” where boy meets girl, boy bails on girl, causing girl to be in an tumultuous hissy. In this case it’s not just one Chicago lady but four, who inevitably all get dumped by Bad Cop lead singer Adam Anyone Moult. Call it a career hazard. “Girls don’t trust men who play music, or maybe just me? On the road, you meet beautiful women, but sometimes even though they know you’re going to be gone at some point, they don’t want to believe it,” Moult explains. “It’s 75% me being scared to commit to anything but my guitar.” One girl throws a jacket in defeat, while another smashes a TV, but like a bad reality dating show, the end is all the same for each of these girls: lots and lots of tears.

Bad Cop’s Chicago Lady 7” will be released on March 12 via Jeffery Drag/Frenchkiss.