Stream Proxy's Menacing Bass EP 'Who Are You?'

Russian producer Proxy’s work edges on apocalyptic. Like the name of his two-part album franchise Music From the Eastblock Jungles implies, his tracks mesh icy low-end synths with tribal tinged percussion with deeply provocative results. Following up the recently released MFTEJ Part 2 is the five-track EP Who Are You?. Here, Proxy's up-tempo title track is carried by an alternating kick-snare and an adrenalizing low-end chomp, the female sample in between drops reinforcing the song's bad-ass attitude. Rounding out the EP are sufficiently rowdy remixes of “Who Are You?” from Pilo, Attaque, Trumpdisco and the Sneekers.

Proxy’s Who Are You? is out February 26th on Dim Mak Records. Stream it below.

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