Useless Eaters Just Want to Wreck Stuff in "Hypertension" Video

Spastic black and white flashes of flaming records, textbooks and desolate streets combine on "Hypertension" to form one cohesive concoction from the mind of Useless Eaters' frontman Seth Sutton. Sutton shot the video for his new album's titular track in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee and you'll hear that the “screw-you” anthem features psychedelic chord progressions neatly arranged around a fashionably, punky hook that is the chorus of “Hypertension.” But a warning to viewers: don't look too deep for meaning in the visual. "I just wanted to wreck stuff," Sutton tells Hive. "There wasn't really a concept going into filming, everything is pretty spontaneous."

Hypertension arrives February 19 on Jeffery Drag Records.