Sneaking Into the Boys’ Club With Hot Water Music

Hot Water music perform in London in 2012. Note the male-to-female ratio of the audience. Photo: Marc Broussely/Redferns.

Each week, Lizzy Goodman guides you through the dirty streets of rock and roll.

I’ve long had this theory that there are two bands only dudes are actually into: Steely Dan and Rush. I’ve met girls who claim to be fans of both, but I maintain these women are poseurs. You know how there’s always one or two straight dudes at your noon Vinyasa flow class? The ones set up in the way back with a clear view of all Lululemon has to offer? Girls at a Rush show are the female equivalent.

I realize I’m not really going out on a limb here; the notion of Rush as the ultimate guy band is well-established. One of my favorite scenes in I Love You, Man is when Jason Segel and Paul Rudd decamp to Segal’s “man cave” to play along to Rush records. The band makes a brief appearance in the film but even better is this Funny or Die clip in which Segal and Rudd sneak backstage. “Seven females at a Rush concert,” Peart jokes after coming offstage and before finding Segel in his dressing room eating his special sandwich. “That must be a new record.”

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