The Many My Bloody Valentines Between MBV Albums

Every Wednesday, Douglas Wolk explores the people, places and coincidences that tie disparate musicians together.

When My Bloody Valentine released their 22-years-in-the-making album MBV this past weekend, an entire generation of indie-rockers freaked out: We thought this was never going to happen, and we’d been making do with our own imitations since then. The band’s previous album, Loveless, came out November 4, 1991, and it may be hard for those readers who weren’t yet of music-listening age at the time to understand how important it was to the rock underground at the time. Loveless (and, to some extent, 1988’s Isn’t Anything album and the EPs MBV released in that era) was the single biggest stylistic touchstone for an entire wave of bands that followed in its wake. (Just for the sake of grounding, here’s the video for its opening track, “Only Shallow.”)

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