Rhye Mourn Love Lost With a Mix

When Los Angeles duo Rhye released their single “Open” a year ago, their identities were a mystery. Still, the uncluttered beauty of their songs piqued the interest of fans looking for some soul-bending satisfaction. What we know in 2013 is this: The duo consists of European ex-pat songwriters Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal, who are currently signed to Innovate Leisure (home of Nosaj Thing and others). This week, Rhye channelled their penchant for heart-bending tunes with an hour-long mix for The Fader. Be warned, there is definitely a melancholy edge here. Besides their three singles, “The Fall,” “Open” and “3 Days,” Rhye mix in songs like Emily King’s “Georgia” and Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up.” All of the songs deal directly or tangentially with the sadness of love's tendency to fade over time. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’d recommend this more for the heartbroken set than for the coupled and content. Enjoy!