Dan Deacon Might Be the Best Musician on Vine Thus Far

[caption id="attachment_65280" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: Domino Records[/caption]

Dan Deacon is all for embracing his fans, whether by conducting a synchronized dance circle or creating an immersive free smartphone app. Now he's found a new way to connect on the web by becoming the most prolific artist to post on Vine, the video-sharing service launched earlier this month and hosted on Twitter.

The self-professed "enemy of corporate capitalism" isn't one to withhold his opinions -- just put last year's electro-cruncher America on rotation -- and his Vine posts only add to his allure as an avant-garde artist. Through a kaleidoscopic lens, we're treated to Deacon unplugged: up in the club, soaking the strobe lights, streaked with glitter and sweat. We're assuming that we're only months away from an artist making a new album announcement via a Vine, but until then, we'll relish the pure form of the medium with these five glimpses into Deacon's world.

1. Zodiac Ruling

2. LEDs pressed against iPhone camera

3. More LEDs

4. Last One

5. A Vine of Vinepeek


Deacon hits the road with Animal Collective this March. America is out now via Domino.