Supergroup Maximum Hedrum Hug It Out in L.A.

[caption id="attachment_65067" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photo: Rebecca Smeyne for MTV Hive.[/caption]

The strangest supergroup of 2013 has officially arrived. They're called Maximum Hedrum, and they played their third show ever Monday night at a Mexican dance club called Los Globos in L.A. Members include uber-connected DJ/producer/composer Sam Spiegel of N.A.S.A. and Derrick Green, the frontman of metal band Sepultura. Also involved are producer Harold Faltermeyer, the man who wrote the iconic theme song for Beverly Hills Cop, and p-funk all-star George Clinton, who lends guest vocals for the first single, called "Keep in Touch." Just as strange: the video for the single is a narrative drama about a teen in a wheelchair, featuring actors from Treme. Spiegel, it's worth noting, has also produced albums for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Crystal Castles, and composed many scores for movies directed by his older brother, Spike Jonze.

Together, this band makes a sort of futuristic funk; the only time during the show that Green unleashed his metal roar was for a brief interlude called "Braised Seitan." As you might imagine, the live show is light-hearted and silly. Outfitted in black-and-white checkered suits, they sang an extended set of songs inspired by internet culture, technology and sex ("Robosexual" combined all three). For their final number, "Hugz," Spiegel hugged his way through the audience, and even successfully persuaded strangers in the audience to hug each other. It was a fitting moment for a band made up of the most unlikely new friends.

Check out a gallery from the show, below: