Stream Future Unlimited's Dark and Dreamy Remix of Goldroom's "Sweetness Alive"

[caption id="attachment_64948" align="alignnone" width="640"]Future Unlimited Future Unlimited. Photo: Facebook[/caption]

Future Unlimited have found their niche somewhere between spacious indie rock and chic dark disco worlds. Together, vocalist David Miller and producer Samuel D’Amelito (who share song writing duties) have been making music together since 2010 after meeting in Nashville. Here, the duo remix Goldroom’s polished dance gem “Sweetness Alive” into a despondent arpeggiator-laced anthem. “The real challenge was where to go from the original material,” the duo tells Hive. “We plowed into making... something that smelled of petrol and cigarette smoke, acerbic soundtrack to substance abuse and night driving.”

Don’t expect an end to the noirish motifs anytime soon. After hearing Future Unlimited’s “Haunted Love,” Shia Labeouf was inspired to write, direct and produce a short film around the single called Medea. “The guy is just... driven... and his vision and directing abilities come through him like fucking lightning,” they say about Labeouf’s work ethic. “We’ve never been so comfortable around someone while simultaneously being so overwhelmed by their passion.” Check out Shia’s site The Campaign Book for some limited info on the project, and stream their remix of “Sweetness Alive” below.