Get to Know These Little Rock Rappers

Little Rock rapper SL Jones tells us about the city’s underground hip-hop stars.

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

“You take the gang culture in Little Rock and you mix that with the art and the musical influence we have from being in-between Texas and Tennessee and above Louisiana and you get something that’s special,” says SL Jones, a rapper who dropped his Trapper’s Delight EP this week in conjunction with Grand Hustle’s DJ MLK. Comprising seven tracks and confidently eschewing the need for guest features, the free download project fuses Jones’s sharp street swagger with feisty and abrasive production from M16. With SL Jones fast becoming the leading new face of his city’s scene, here’s his recommendations for five under-the-radar Little Rock rappers to start adding to your playlist with the quickness.

1. Kari Faux

She’s one of the only females that is rapping and at the same time you wouldn’t put her on the list by default just ’cause she’s a girl. She’s one of the hardest. A lot of people in Little Rock is all-out on the gang-bangin’ and selling dope, but what she does is different and the stories she tells you is something else. [Download Sophisticated Ratchetness via Datpiff.]

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