Aire Atlantica Spins an Electrifying House Set

New York producer and DJ Aire Atlantica has been making music for as long as he can remember. “I’ve been playing drums since I was four, and was always looking to take the next step into as many genres as possible.” Years later, his steady sense of rhythm and musical curiosity led him to fall in love with dance music. The 20-year-old began messing around with DJ equipment from friends in high school, later buying his own rig and eventually spinning gigs. “I was hooked immediately and began to teach myself production full-time to express my creativity and fulfill the need to add my own music to my sets.”

Aire’s releases tend to alternate between straight-up electro-house and moombahton singles. His upcoming single “Motion,” due January 29th, falls directly in the former category. Featuring a rousing melodic build and a powerful low-end synth, “Motion” could be Aire’s breakout single for the molly-craving crowd. “There’s energy and emotion all over the place, and the middle section was written around the time of Hurricane Sandy, which is how the teaser video relates to the song,” he explains to Hive. To celebrate the release of “Motion,” Aire put together this exclusive mix for Hive. “The mix showcases my live sound, which is always original and energetic,” he adds. “Some unreleased stuff by myself, as well as new tunes and throwbacks that are guaranteed to get listeners moving.” We’re down.

Stream Air Atlantica's mix and watch the teaser for "Motion" below.

01. Wake Up / Kill The Radio (Aire Atlantica Edit) - Les Petits Pilous, TV Noise

02. Twerk - Mr. Vega

03. Original Don (Black Cards Remix) - Major Lazer

04. Rattle (Aire Atlantica Edit/Remix) - Bingo Players, w/ sample from All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

05. Touchdown (Aire Atlantica Remix) - The R.O.A.R.

06. Bring The Rain feat. Lexi Forche - Candyland

07. BFAM (edit) - Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix

08. Motion - Aire Atlantica

09.Turn The World On feat. Dev (Angger Dimas Remix) - Static Revenger

10. Bless Di Nation f. Sean Paul (Torro Torro Remix) - Congorock & Stereo Massive

11. Atom (Shapes Of Light Bootleg) - Nari & Milani

12. Water Sippin (Aire Atlantica Remix) - Ubervice

13. Point Em Out - Aire Atlantica

14. Booster f. MC Ambush - Angger Dimas

15. Roll The Drums (Torro Torro Remix) - Autoerotique

16. Mr. Manhattan - Aire Atlantica