Jessie Ware Gushes Over Her Fans and 'Fallon' at Amoeba -- Photos

Soul songstress Jessie Ware played a free in-store show for fans yesterday at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Under the store's delightful mega-array of rock posters, the breakthrough Brit and her band kept it short and sweet with a set of six songs, including her hit "Wildest Moments." Her tone unjaded and grateful, she mentioned how excited she had been to play that single with the Roots in her TV debut on Fallon earlier in the week, and she gave props to her own band too. She also noted how strange it felt to be playing in a brightly lit room, rather than the usual dark nightclubs. After the performance, she signed albums and posters and chatted with fans who had lined up outside on Sunset Boulevard for the show, which was one of her two scheduled LA gigs, the second being a sold-out show at El Rey the following evening. Scenes from her laid-back appearance, below.