Bat for Lashes Stands By Her Man in "A Wall" Video

Love hurts, especially when the object of your affection can't seem to stay awake or even stand up, literally or in the metaphorical sense. In "A Wall," the latest cut from Bat for Lashes' splendid 2012 album, The Haunted Man, Natasha Khan and her partner traipse around a labrynth-like house party, stumbling from one scene to the next with reckless, sensual abandon. Things get hot and heavy, and the passion between them is visceral, at least at the start. But as the evening unravels, we see him falling apart, and perhaps consumed by drug-induced demons. Will Khan's love be enough to save him? She certainly hopes so: "Cause when you see a wall, I see a door," she pleads as she struggles to prop him up hours later, his haunted stare but a memory of who he once was. It might be too late.

The Haunted Man is out now on Parlophone.