Cloud Nothings Working on "Noisier" New Album

[caption id="attachment_62085" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: Brendan Tobin for MTV Hive[/caption]

Cloud Nothings has spent most of their year touring behind their excellent album Attack on Memory but frontman Dylan Baldi has already begun working on his follow up. “I’ve written most of it,” he tells Hive aboard the S.S. Coachella, “I just need to teach it to the band and flesh it out. I wrote it here and there on the road and a couple of days when we were home.”  

While Attack on Memory had no shortage of hard-hitters, expect the volume turned up even further on their next record: “The album is a little less melodic. It’s noisier and less straightforward. I think people will be able to handle it.” Baldi’s looking back further on this LP, taking inspiration from early punk. “There’s one track that sounds a lot like early Wire, that I really like. There’s not really words yet, I write them super last minute when I’m in the studio.”

Cloud Nothings are heading into the studio to record their currently-untitled fourth album in April and says it’s due out next autumn: “I want to do one thing each year or else I’ll feel like I’m lazy.”

Watch Cloud Nothings' perform "No Future/No Past" from their Live in Boston performance below: