Three Loco Say Their Ghetto Passes Are Approved

Three Loco photo courtesy of Biz 3.

It’s 10 days before Christmas when Hive calls two members of Three Loco — the rap entertainment trio comprised of former MTV VJ Simon Rex (Dirt Nasty), comedian Andy Milonakis, and international playboy Riff Raff. They’ve called into a conference call for an interview. Well, two of the three members have. Speculating on the whereabouts of the absent Riff Raff, Milonakis and Dirt Nasty break into banter, with the latter quipping, “He’s probably doing something with his hair, like curling his hair. Riff Raff probably thought this interview was on camera so he’ll be taking a long time doing his hair.” This is how Three Loco rolls for the rest of the session. It’s like calling in on an ongoing rap skit.

The eight-track Three Loco EP (out now via Mad Decent) follows a similar format, as the trio line up over production by Diplo and Sinden and kick raps that aim to entertain and raise a smirk with their absurdist streak: “Beer” has Andy dropping what’s likely the only ever reference to Old Speckled Hen ale in all of rap, while “Bong Hits” has Riff Raff deciding that instead of chasing platinum sales he wants to go “triple sterling.” So while Dirt pulled over by the side of a highway in his Prius and Milonakis remained at home in an apartment complex where someone’s alarm is constantly ringing, they talked with Hive about dysfunctional fans, being appreciated by Dr. Dre, and the all-important underlying theme of sushi. (And yes, the well-coiffed Riff Raff eventually does make a grand guest entrance.)

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