Five Indie-Rock Records to Look Forward to in 2013

Iceage. Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Hive Five: Our Daily Listicle of Musical Musings

This past year was an astounding year in the rap, R&B, and electronic worlds, as well as a banner year for a handful of indie-rock musicians that are channeling a hefty DIY spirit. And in looking ahead to 2013, there’s a promising crop of guitar-centric albums on the horizon. Here’s five to keep an eye out for.

1. My Bloody Valentine,TBA (Self-released)

Honestly, what reason do we have not to believe Kevin Shields? It’s been over two decades since the release of the game-changing Loveless, so if he says he’s going to release a new album, we don’t really have any convincing argument to not think that a new My Bloody Valentine album is not going to happen sometime very soon. It’s now apparent that he’s finished mastering the thing; the shoegaze world awaits with baited breath.
2. Iceage, You’re Nothing (February 19, Matador)

Even now, there are few things as galvanizing as when Iceage’s New Brigade hit American shores last year. When you think about punk albums that Actually Made a Difference in 2011, there were few if any that had the sort of seismic impact packing into such brevity as Iceage’s debut, New Bridage. Whether is your soundtrack for changing the world or just your go-to exercising soundtrack, New Brigade provided barely 20 minutes of feeling like you could legitimately change the world. With their late-winter debut on indie giant Matador, it sounds like these Danish punks could soundtrack something a lot greater than a daily workout or a small revolution.

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