Crystal Castles and Health Get Physical at Roseland Ballroom

It felt like 2008 all over again. But that's just fine: Crystal Castles and Health are touring North America together again, and with their equally moody, percussive bit-beats and penchant for physical, visceral performances it's a match made in booking heaven. The likeminded bands have also collaborated on remixes and tracks several times, most recently in February with Health's remix of Crystal Castles' "Suffocation."

Last night, before ascending the stage, Alice Glass (channeling a pouty Kurt Cobain in an army-style coat, bleached locks, and oversized white sunglasses) crouched on the floor in a pre-game huddle of one amidst a gaggle of photographers. Once onstage her energy exploded, with strobes flashing, microphone stands flying, bodies bouncing and writhing, lights silhouetting. Health put on a very physical performance as well, throwing themselves into their instruments. Check out the drama from both bands in the gallery below.