iamamiwhoami Reveals Her 'Kin'

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Sure,  iamamiwhoami has been an extremely prolific act, releasing a bevy of singles since she first flitted onto the scene in December of 2009, but she’s deprived her cult-like following a proper debut. That all changes this summer when the YouTube breakout drops an “audiovisual” album collection called Kin.

We first heard rumblings about this album earlier this month, when a video titled “kin 20120611″ hit YouTube, and Amazon put up a presale link for a song called “sever." Rdio also lists a new single called “Drops,” which will premiere on February 29. Now album rumors have been confirmed. On February 14, Cooperative Music, a group of indie labels said to work with iamamiwhoami, tweeted: “iamamiwhoami audiovisual album ‘kin’ 11 giugno via Cooperative Music gotdetevi: sever” with a link the the "sever" video.

iamamiwhoami first popped up on the web in December of 2009, after strange, Julie Taymor-esque videos were sent to a series of bloggers, including writers over here at MTV. She chose to keep her identity unknown only recently revealing herself as Swedish singer Jonna Lee, a musician with a delicate, odd voice reminiscent of Bjork or countrywoman Lykke Li, and a style like a more arty Lady Gaga.

Lee's transformation from YouTube sensation to "legit" artist has been a slow one. She played last year's Way Out West Festival in Sweden, but often forgoes the trappings of the music business (PR people, interviews, etc), to preserve the artistic merit of the iamamiwhoami project. We'll have to see what effect a full album has on that persona.

Kin arrives June 11.