First Take: White Arrows Beat Blindness, Form a Band

The backstory to Los Angeles quintet White Arrows could double as a Lifetime Original Movie: Frontman Mickey Church was born legally blind and didn't gain full vision until the age of 11. After steeping himself in music, Church began the writing material that would comprise the group's earliest tracks while simultaneously earning a degree in ritualistic shamanism. Church linked with brother Henry and childhood friend J.P. Caballero, only to discover that J.P. and the brothers shared the same biological dad, thus fomenting a relationship already bonded by music. Sonically, the group revels in the same buoyant, bouncy rock of Givers and Ra Ra Riot, though with a dash more psychedelic flourishes. Ask the group themselves and they'll dub their style "tropical crunk" and really, who are we to argue? Since the release of the group's self-titled debut EP, White Arrows remixed songs for Local Natives and toured relentlessly with Cults and Portugal. The Man. In this edition of First Take, Hive's series on emerging artists, Church tells us how his early vision problems spurred his creativity, and why outer space makes the best concert backdrop.

For more on White Arrows' First Take shoot, check out these behind-the-scenes photos from the taping. Their "Get Gone" 7-inch is out now on Ooh La La Records. White Arrows will release their debut full-length in spring 2012.

The band also talked to NextMovie about the creepy joys of Crispin Glover and Jaws on Blueray for their Screen Check series.