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Nicolas Cage Is Having An IRL 'National Treasure' Moment

'I'm going to... return this stolen dinosaur skull to its country of origin.'

In the fictional alterna-world of the "National Treasure" movies, Nicolas Cage is best known for being rather cavalier about the rightful ownership of important historic artifacts.


...For example.

But in real life, Cage is all about making sure that national treasures are returned to their countries of origin, which is why he's politely giving his giant, stolen Tyrannosaurus skull back to the people of Mongolia.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage didn't actually pillage the skull himself -- but he was happy to do the right thing after an investigation by the Mongolian government uncovered the unfortunate truth that it was removed from the country illegally. (Cage reportedly bought the skull at auction, outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio for the honor of taking it home.)

It's a happy ending for everyone, except maybe Nicolas Cage's street cred as a wily high-class thief.


Sure you are, dude. Sure you are.