'Challenge' Freak-Out: Did Camila Have Reason To Go Ballistic Over The 'Bloodlines' Vote?

The vet went off after her Pit nomination — even on people who weren’t responsible.

It’s a lesson we’ve learned a handful of times on “The Challenge”: Hell hath no fury like a Camila scorned.

On Wednesday night’s “Bloodlines” episode, TJ shook things up by separating the game’s veteran players from their family members to create two sizable factions and told competitors they’d compete with either Team Red or Team Blue for the foreseeable future. But, of course, there was a twist: Though bloodlines would now compete against each other, they’d still be a package deal in The Pit’s eyes, and if one was eliminated, the other would be sent home, too.

“I won, and I still have to fear for my life in the game,” Camila understandably lamented in what would become a bit of self-fulfilling prophesy.

After a loss in “Meet Me Halfway,” Team Blue decided to vote either Larissa or KellyAnne -- the only two ladies among the bunch who’d screwed up -- into The Pit on the designated women’s elimination day. And, because Larissa held her sister Camila’s fate in her hands and Camila’s elimination would mean stripping Team Red of a strong player, Larissa seemed like the obvious choice.

Larissa acknowledged that she’d messed up but said that she wasn’t used to the judgment of the game, and when she became visibly upset, Camila, who wasn’t pleased with the vote, flipped out.

“My sister?!” she said, incredulously. “Like, what the f**k! Why?”

Camila proceeded to dig into Team Blue’s guys, whom she held responsible for the vote, but they weren’t willing to acquiesce, especially when there was no fellow team member who had seemed like a reasonable alternative to Larissa.

“Camila is a bully,” Stephen said. “I’m not just gonna roll over because a vet told me to.”

Even Johnny Bananas, who is, himself, on Camila’s team and had no say in Team Blue’s vote, found himself on the receiving end of her relentless tirade.

“I think at this point, Camila could give Hillary Clinton a run for her money,” Bananas observed as Camila desperately consulted each player in an attempt to sway votes away from Larissa. “I’m just trying to hunker down and not take any grenades in the trenches.”

“You can never win an argument with Camila,” Leroy concluded.

In short, the better part of the cast seemed to think Camila was grasping at straws, but she maintained the reasons behind Larissa’s vote were underhanded. Camila was stern on the fact that she, herself, was being put at risk too soon.

“I think they’re just trying to get rid of me, but they’re just too f**king coward to say it to my face,” she said.

What do you think -- did Camila have reason to go off on the group, or is she blowing Larissa’s nomination way out of proportion? Sound off, and be sure to tune in to the next “Bloodlines” to see if the Brazilian sisters can hang tough.