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Who Brings Jennifer Lawrence More Joy: The Backstreet Boys, Or NSYNC?

Does she want it that way? Or is it NSYNC that tears up her heart?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In Jennifer Lawrence's latest collaboration with David O. Russell, the "Joy" comes more from the name of the film's subject, the real-life Miracle Mop inventor Joy Managano, than a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. (She is a struggling single mother of three throughout most of it, after all.)

So when MTV News caught up with Lawrence during a recent press day for the film, we made sure to lighten up the mood by asking her which of life's finer things -- think food, drink, movies, and boy bands -- make her feel the most joy. Enjoy the footage, and be sure to let all of your Backstreet Boys-loving friends know once and for all that NSYNC has got the flow, and BSB have got to go.

"Joy" hits theaters nationwide on Christmas Day.