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The Way That Harry Styles Flips His Hair Gets Me Overwhelmed

Or, "Watch Harry Styles Flip His Hair 12 Times In One Video"

For as long as we've known Harry Styles, he's had a very specific way of getting his hair to ~flip~ the exact way he likes it. It's not highly scientific, nor does it involve a lot of product—it's more of a swoosh and go.

Here he is doing it with short hair. All the movement, it seems, creates volume, which results in getting those curls to stay to one side.

Even when his hair was slightly longer—and most #ICONIC—the move kept his hair pointed left.

Though his current, long hair is not as swooped, he still uses the same plan of attack on his hair. Like, constantly.

One Direction was on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke on Tuesday night (Dec. 15), and in addition to singing, drinking various beverages, and wearing matching chambray shirts with James, Niall, Louis, and Liam, all Harry does is muss his hair.

Part of me feels like a mom who wants to tell him to stop playing with his hair—especially when on TV!—but the other part of me is like...TBH, I can and WILL watch this all day. Throughout the 13-minute clip, Harry touches his hair 12 times. HAHA, what some of us would give to be that hair, right?????

You can watch all the hair flips—and way more!—in the full clip. Enjoy.