HUGE Balls Of Hail Rained Down On Sydney Yesterday -- These Pics Are Ridic

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

Not long after a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for parts of Australia near Sydney yesterday (Wednesday, Dec. 16, local time), a tornado with wind speeds of up to 132mph touched down in the area, ripping out trees and damaging roofs, while gigantic, crazy-shaped balls of hail rained down on parts of the city.

Residents of the Sydney suburb Kurnell quickly started tweeting out pics of the hail, some of which looks especially deadly by virtue of the fact that it's f-cking spiky.

People also posted some pretty crazy pics of the terrifying-looking storm looming over various parts of the city, and of the damage caused by the tornado in the southern suburb of Kurnell, which was officially declared a disaster zone.

A mall in the area was evacuated after part of the roof collapsed and the mall began to flood.

Passengers on their way to the airport got stuck in gridlocked traffic, so many abandoned their cars and walked to the airport with their luggage in tow.

Thankfully, the whole thing blew over on Wednesday afternoon (local Sydney time), and only three people are being treated for injuries. Phew.