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Watch Leighton Meester’s Soulful ‘Blue Christmas’ Serenade

'Tis the season for her and Dana Williams to tug on all the heartstrings.

New mom Leighton Meester may have experienced a lot of changes in recent months, but one thing that's still totally the same is the fact that she has the voice of an ~angel~.

She and Dana Williams -- a pair that previously made dreams come true with their elegant renditions of The Caravelles’ “Dream Of You" and Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" -- re-teamed for an emotional take on Elvis Presley's somber holiday number in a video released Tuesday (Dec. 15) via Elle Magazine.

Check out the "Gossip Girl" alum strumming and crooning like a perfect pro alongside Williams below.

It's been a while since we've heard from Leighton -- even the birth of her and Adam's Brody's baby girl, Arlo Day, was kept super hush-hush. But now we know we *definitely* won't be having a blue Christmas this year, because what a delightful return this is!

In other news... HELLO, Santa hat guy (real name: Chrystian Kaplan) in the background! You stole the show, truly.