23 Times Seth Cohen Gave Us Party Goals

Happy birthday, Adam Brody!

Not only is it Seth Cohen's favorite time of year (Chrismukkah, of course), but it also just so happens to be Adam Brody's 36th birthday. And even though he became a Dad-am this year, he's still one of our all-time favorite on-screen party animals because let's face it. The kid knew how to have a good time in his very own way -- especially when his BFF Captain Oats Ryan Atwood came along as his plus-one.

So, to celebrate "The O.C." actor's big day, we decided to look back on the master of festivities himself to see what we can still learn about owning a shindig.

  1. First of all, he got 100% excited and not at all nervous when the invite first came in.

    JK, he was the poster child for anxiety treatment when delivering his RSVP, but it was just part of his inherent adorkability.

  2. He knew that practicing those moves in the safety of the home is a must.

    Kid had swerve even in a robe. Fact.

  3. He lived by the mantra that bagels are party food.

    Arguably the perfect nommage for any shebang.

  4. He knew where the good party real estate is at.

    Chances are, you might find him hogging the video games, but hey, as long as the boat's floating right?

  5. He's been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two.

    Always in moderation of course.

  6. His groove was flawless.

    Anyone who hates on this is just wrong.

  7. He knew that knocking before entering a random room is very important.

    This is a lesson he learned the, um, hard (?) way.

  8. And he was quick with the pick-up lines.

    You may doubt him, but he ended up marrying this girl, so.

  9. Even though he's a talkamaniac, he's also got other means of true communication.

    Works every time.

  10. He totally had an eye for atmosphere.

    Also, "rollicking" is a word that we just don't use enough anymore.

  11. And c'mon, the kid knew good music.

    We can credit this character with basically the entire series' soundtrack selection, and we thank him for it.

  12. He was nothing if not original.
  13. Being deliriously happy was his zen.
  14. He found joy in the littlest things.
  15. Even when things sometimes got out of hand, he kept his chin up.

    Like, remember that time he got punched out in the pilot as our "Welcome to the O.C., bitch"? Well, Seth was still unshakably Seth.

  16. He knew full well that pants are totally optional at any given time.
  17. And he knew his appeal to the ladies.
  18. He was also fully aware of his overall gift to the room.
  19. Oh, and he totally helped redefine the concept of bromance.

    He and Ryan Atwood were totally lobsters.

  20. He also had the best party style ever.
  21. He knew exactly where the line was and how not to cross it.
  22. He always had an exit strategy on tap.
  23. He knew exactly when to call it quits.