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One Direction Fans Are Reaching Out To Paramore Fans, And It's F--king Heartwarming

Directioners know just how it feels when a member leaves the band.

The Parafamily are at a loss. Paramore announced late Monday night that they have parted ways with bassist Jeremy Davis, and now the band is down to a duo. Understandably, fans are upset and losing their cool online.

One Direction fans know the situation far too well. Just last March, the U.K. band split with member Zayn Malik, and while it may seem like that's the way the boy band crumbles in the music industry, it both shattered and strengthened the fandom.

When a band member leaves, it shakes you. It's a crack in the foundation that OG fans have been building with a band since the beginning -- in Paramore's case, since 2004; for One Direction, since 2010. The makeup of a band is like the makeup of your DNA -- if you tweak it, everything else may be thrown off.

So Directioners are making sure that Paramore fans aren't going through this alone.

  1. They're sending 'positive vibes.'
  2. And comparing Jeremy to Zayn.
  3. Some fans of boths bands are a little overwhelmed.
  4. Sometimes, you just need to know someone is there when times get rough.
  5. It's all about solidarity.
  6. Parafamily and Directioners, unite!
  7. Even the 5SOS Fam are getting in on the consolation.
  8. And Sheerios too (Ed Sheeran's going on hiatus in 2016).
  9. Other angels are giving them hope for the future.

Stay strong, Paramore fans!