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Gigi Hadid Has Threatened Photographers Who Were Mean To Her Sister

What Would Gigi Do

2015 has been the year of Gigi Hadid. And now that it's coming to an end, it's time we get some answers about who exactly Gigi Hadid is. Thanks to British Vogue, we finally know the answer the age old question: What Would Gigi Hadid Do?

In the video, Gigi answers 10 questions like "What would you do if you had to do a British accent?" and "What would you do if your crush sat next to you?" (she'd "work it," of course). But the big takeaway from the interview is that you should never mess with her sister Bella or she'll come after you.

"Backstage at a show in Paris, for some reason they let photographers take pictures while girls were changing, which just pisses me off," she said. "My sister's changing next to me and I was like, "if you don't put that camera away and stop shooting my sister, I'm going to come over there, I'm going to take that camera, and throw it on the floor."

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We have a feeling they'll never take a photo of Bella ever again. But hey, that's what sisters are for.