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Zac Efron And Josh Hutcherson Are Going Head To Head In James Franco's New Movie

Efron's really ganging up on the guy.

James Franco and Seth Rogen are really bringing their A game to their latest film together, "The Disaster Artist," -- which means they're also getting some serious A list talent, such as Kate Upton, Ari Graynor, and even Josh Hutcherson. Now we've got one more amazing actor to add to the list: Zac Efron.

The "Neighbors" star was spotted on the set yesterday filming a scene with Josh Hutcherson, and judging by the picture below you'd expect to be very tense and dramatic. Unless you've actually seen "The Room," of course, which is the the so-bad-its-incomprehensibly-majestic movie that "The Disaster Artist" is based on. In that case, this is going to make you laugh your face off.


Okay, let's backtrack for a second for the uninitiated: since its release in 2003, "The Room" has become a beloved cult classic that's shown in midnight movie screenings all over the country. Based on a bestselling book by Greg Sestero, a friend of director/actor/producer Tommy Wiseau, "The Disaster Artist" will be a behind-the-scenes look into how the "worst movie ever made" was actually made in the first place.

To a well-versed aficionado of "The Room," it's clear that Efron and Hutcherson are recreating an iconic scene from the original movie, where "Chris R" (Efron) appears out of nowhere to demands that "Denny" (Hutcherson) give him the drug money he is owed and then is immediately taken to jail(?) by "Tommy" and "Mark" (James and Dave Franco). It is a masterpiece of modern cinema, but only if we are using the term "masterpiece" to mean "colossally, hilariously terrible."

Want more context? Here's the scene itself: (NSFW for bad language, and also bad everything else)

Unfortunately Efron won't be on set for too long, as his character only has one scene in "The Room." But as you can tell, he'll certainly make an impact when the movie his theaters. Although, it'll be hard to steal any scenes when James Franco's looking like this for the entire movie: