J.K. Rowling Says Trump Is Worse Than 'He Who Shall Not Be Named'

It's canon.

J.K. Rowling took to twitter on Tuesday morning to confirm a pretty interesting fan theory --- that, yes, presidential candidate Donald Trump is the absolute worst. #Confirmed.

That's right, dear-old Donald takes that garbage crown from Rowling's own Dark Lord Voldemort, according to the "Harry Potter" author, who was sharing a BBC story on Trump's latest statements about banning muslims from the United States.

Rowling, who's always been socially conscious AF, has been quietly retweeting articles about gun law reform and the dangers and hypocrisy of islamophobia and xenophobia for a while now. However, this is one of the first obvious and forthright comments she's made about a presidential candidate and his, uh, politics -- and damn, did she do it in style.

When the creator of one of the most iconic literary villains of our generation (who's whole schtick was a genocidal, superior breed of intolerance) compares a top-polling politician to that villain -- it certainly says something. And, if nothing else, this tweet can definitely serve as a happy thought to help you cast your next patronus charm.