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Someone Please Get Me Rihanna's $6,000 Christmas Tree

Ho, ho, ho—Christmas hath come early in the form of Rihanna's sparkly Christmas tree, which can be yours for a cool $6,000. While several thousand dollars may seem excessive for a seasonal prop that only sees the light of day for one month per year, this isn't just any tree—it was in Rihanna's home.

You see, on December 10, Rihanna is hosting the 2nd annual Diamond Ball, which includes an auction. There are numerous Rihanna-centric offerings, including a front row seat at her New York Fashion Week show for Puma (P.S. OMG Rihanna is having a NYFW show for Puma!!!!!!!) and a bracelet and ring she wore in her "Saturday Night Live" bumper photos, but the item that really caught my attention is this sparkly tree, which is simply described as "Rihanna's Christmas Tree, 2014."

Of course, since this is Rihanna's tree, it's not, y'know, like any you've seen before. It consists of "five separate units covered in black ice crystal mesh fabric with over 20,000 faux black ice crystals." Oh, sure. As if that wasn't enough to make you want the tree, this Instagram photo confirms that it was, in fact, in Rihanna's house last year. I NEED $6,000 RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.

If anyone is feeling in the holiday spirit, you know what to get me ?.