17 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were On 'Lizzie McGuire'

For starters, Spock beamed down to hang out with Matt McGuire.

Disney Channel's hit show "Lizzie McGuire" followed the trials and tribulations of middle school and quickly made Hilary Duff a household name. Suddenly, every pre-teen girl wanted to be the always stylish, sometimes clumsy Lizzie McGuire.

Running from 2001 to 2004 (and an Italian adventure movie in 2003), the show's run included several familiar faces throughout Lizzie's world -- whether it was at school, the mall or even her own house. How many of these celebs do you remember seeing?

  1. Disney

    The new Spock and "American Horror Story" alum played a snooty commercial director who insulted Sam McGuire (Robert Carradine) and got hilariously told off by Matt (Jake Thomas).

  2. Disney

    The "Malcolm in the Middle" star played himself, coming to Lizzie's town to shoot a movie. This was also the episode where Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder) said this absolute gem of a line: "Hey, Frankie how'd you get out of the TV?"

  3. Disney

    The future Eddie Thomas on "That's So Raven" was Travis Elliot, a boy who acted in a school play with Miranda (Lalaine).

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    In a special Christmas episode, the Aerosmith frontrunner played Santa Claus who rocked out during a holiday parade. Oh, and Tyler's kids Taj and Chelsea Tallarico had cameos at the end of the episode, giving their dad Santa crap for not "looking" like Jolly Old St. Nick.

  5. Disney

    Hilary's big sis played Amy, Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault)'s cousin, who was just as big of a snob as Kate. Seriously, homegirl was the queen of throwing shade.

  6. Disney

    The voice of Penny Proud on "The Proud Family" played Gordo's (Adam Lamberg) girlfriend Brooke, who inadvertently drew Gordo's attention away from Lizzie and Miranda. Womp womp.

  7. Disney

    The "Aquamarine" star played Holly, the former class president who introduced Larry Tudgeman (Kyle Downes) as the new class president. She also said "really" at least 10 times in under one minute.

  8. Disney

    Prior to being the no-nonsense hotel manager Marion Moseby on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," he was the no-nonsense Principal Tweedy — aka the buzzkill who canceled Spring Fling until someone fessed up to knocking over a bust of the school's founding principal.

  9. Disney

    The late Carradine guest-starred as himself on his little brother Robert (Sam McGuire)'s show. He helped with Gordo and Matt's martial arts film for a contest. FYI, Carradine was known for his work in "Kung Fu" and the "Kill Bill" films.

  10. Disney

    Before he was Jason Treacy on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," McFarlane played Thomas, Ethan's jock friend who got Lizzie to play on their team in a flag football game.

  11. Disney

    The "Halloweentown" alum played a kid who hit on Lizzie's mom (Hallie Todd), calling her "doll face" and "cupcake." Creepy.

  12. Disney

    The "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Christmas Vacation" star played Gordo's unusual and "hip" grandmother who brought him sushi to school, wore bright colors and called Gordo "Gordo" instead of "David."

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    Before he played bb Mark Ruffalo's character in "13 Going on 30," Marquette was Adam Burton, a kid who tried to steal Matt McGuire's class clown title.

  14. Disney

    Prior to playing Emma Roberts' crush Jake Behari on "Unfabulous," Fenske was Li Tarak, a foreign exchange student from Indonesia who didn't understand much about American culture.

  15. Disney

    The eccentric teacher Mr. Francis Corelli from "Hannah Montana" had a one-time stint as a security guard who accused Miranda of stealing lipstick.

  16. Disney

    A few years before Anton became Phil Diffy's dad on "Phil of the Future," he was Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo's science teacher Mr. Pettus. He was the guy who had fake brain guts explode in his face. Gross.

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    OK, I highly doubt anyone could ever forget this iconic episode, but not including Aaron Carter on this list just seems wrong. Carter played himself on the show, shooting a music video and giving Lizzie a smooch.