First Look: Supernatural Season 9 Key Art Revealed


by Katherine Erlikh

Oh. My. Godstiel. As you may have noticed, dear readers, we here at MTV Geek are very excited about the upcoming Season 9 (or, as the internet has christened it, Season Divine) of the CW's "Supernatural". Here's another very, very good reason to be excited - new key art for the 9th season has been revealed. It shows the brothers, one angel (this time with his omnipresent trench coat), one king of Hell, one church and... nope, those aren't fireworks. Isn't that the church from 8.23? And isn't that color palette reminiscent of Purgatory with its bleak grays and murky skies? This poster sets the mood for the upcoming season premiere, which will be airing on Tuesday, October 8th at 9/8c on the CW and all signs so far point towards a season premiere we won't forget.

The show's taken us places so far - it's taken us to heaven, to hell, to Purgatory - the one that's Hell adjacent, not the one in Miami - and Season 9 promises to take us to new highs (lows?) of darkness and despair. The season premiere will pick up immediately following Season 8's finale. Dean and Sam must deal with the fallout of not closing the gates of Hell. Sam may or may not be dying again, must be his turn this season. Castiel is powerless again, his angel powers stolen by Metatron during the ritual which ejected the angels from heaven and shut the pearly gates with a dull, final thump. We've got a hot new angel flying around, too. And, in the meantime, the Winchesters have shoved the King of Hell into the Impala's trunk and called it a day.

So what can the composition of this poster mean? Well, one, it means there will be a lot of fog in the evening. Two, it means... we'll let you guys decide. Take a look at the full poster below and let us know what you think it's hinting at!