The Daily Geek: What You Missed Last Weekend From Breaking Bad, Batman, And More!

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I'll admit, not much happened this weekend. Was everyone too busy with football, the Emmys and GTA V to do newsworthy things? Probably. In any case, here are some important things that happened last weekend. You probably missed them. Welcome to the Daily Geek.

First off, new "Supernatural" cast photos feature Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in suits, looking vaguely retro and very handsome. Congratulations on your faces, dear sirs.

If you're wondering where the angel  Castiel is in these, well... he's not in that photoset. But he's in this one, and that's kind of the same thing. And... OH GOD WHERE IS HIS TRENCH COAT WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Wondering what's coming for us in Season Divine? In a recent teaser video on Facebook, Jared Padalecki said that we'll be getting a few visits from "old throwback characters" and half the fandom is really just hoping that this statement means we'll be seeing Sebastian Roche or Richard Speight Jr. Or both. Please be both.

Also, Dallascon happened, and if you seek to watch all the panels in gifset format, this is the place you should mosey over to. Yup, that's right, Tumblr. It doesn't get any better than that.


Oncers will really appreciate this poster that Robert Carlyle tweeted last night. Isn't it pretty? Yes it is. Only seven days more! We hope you're excited.

The final episode of "Breaking Bad" is named "Felina" which stands for iron, lithium and sodium in the language of the periodic table of elements, which apparently translates to "blood, meth and tears". It's also an anagram for "finale". We hope you're ready for the pain. Also ending this fall is "Dexter" - I guess it's time for everyone to move on to "Hannibal"?

Also, if you're interested in that sort of thing the way we're interested in that sort of thing, Marvel recently released a synopsis for the third episode of "Agents of SHIELD" that hints at which supervillain from the comic books will be making an appearance. Here there may be spoilers. Probably no dragons, though, you're safe there.

We should also probably mention that Grant Gustin is really psyched about being the Flash on "Arrow", but he had his reservations.

Additionally, the Emmys happened. They were kind of a big deal.


Have you ever wanted to watch Christian Bale's Batman audition? Well... you probably could. It's one of those things you need to see at least once - or so we're told.

As far as going back in time goes, we're really loving these little tidbits that the "Doctor Who" social media team is leaking out one by one. First day of rehearsals? First photos? Sign us up!

Oh look. It's a sneak peek of the first episode of BBC's upcoming new fantasy drama, "Atlantis". It features the hero, Jason. Is this going to be like, Jason, the one with the Argonauts? You can bet Crowley your right arm and a whole meat lover's pizza that we're excited for this show.

While on the topic of sneak peeks, we are strongly encouraging you to check out the "Sailor Moon" short story sneak peeks that MTV Geek posted last Friday. It's Sailor Moon, do you even need more reasons?

Finally, have some Harry Potter dragon-roasted nuts. No puns intended. You may or may not need a dragon for this recipe.

That's all for this weekend's news, everyone! Tune in later today for a brief account of Sam Winchester's Reddit commenting history (we're not kidding).


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