Best Of Tom Hiddleston's Live Q&A: Screams of Fans Break the (Twitter) Sound Barrier


By Amber Lena

Well, he's done it again. Tom Hiddleston has destroyed lives everywhere with his persistent charm and seeming perfection. Fangirls and boys were rendered speechless early Thursday afternoon due to the inability to stop screaming about Tom's too-good-to-be-true answers. Persistent weeping and ovarian explosions were reported. Seriously, this guy gave us an anti-bullying message, Shakespeare, and Spanish all within the same Q & A - is there anything he can't do?

We pulled out a few of our favorite tweets for your reading pleasure!

I personally volunteer as tribute to teach you more Spanish, Tom. Call me, we'll set something up. Wink wink.

He also quoted poetry. Thousands of people across the world were subsequently rushed to the hospital for sudden fainting spells.

Wait, isn't that the same poem reported to be Benedict Cumberbatch's favorite? We smell shenanigans and something... shippy.

One of the great highlights for fans was when Tom spoke French. The squeals broke the sound barrier. We didn't understand a word at first (thank goodness for Twitter's translation feature), but it didn't matter either way - it was still sexy.

Tom had a few things to say regarding Thor: The Dark World, including his view on Loki's relationship with Frigga and what exactly it's like working with The God of Shiny Blonde Locks, Chris Hemsworth, and his Royal Highness of Film, Anthony Hopkins:

Fans also learned that Tom's favorite thing to do when he isn't working is spend time with his family and take long walks, that Beasts of the Southern Wild made him cry, and his favorite books include Anna Karinena by Tolstoy and Any Human Heart by William Boyd. In short, Tom's Twitter Q&A was essentially three hours of him affirming his own awesomeness.

Still not convinced that Tom Hiddleston may be the greatest man to grace us mere mortals with his presence?

Please excuse me while I curl up in a ball and cry over his perfection.

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