'Kick-Ass 2': Top 10 Reasons You Love Hit-Girl


Kick-Ass is a pretty cool guy, but you can’t deny the comics and the movie are ten times better because of Hit-Girl. She might not look like a threat, but when she opens that mouth and starts spinning those weapons, you better watch out. That, ladies and gentlemen, is just one of the many reasons you and everyone else loves them some Hit-Girl.

10. Still a Teen Underneath that Mask


Icy Shark

She's not running for prom queen, but she’s still your typical teen who has to head to homeroom. She just might step out to deal with some punks trying to corrupt the city before class.

9. Awesome Tattoo Subject


Last Sparrow Tattoo, EJpix, Tumblr

When picking out some new ink, skip the cherubs and princesses and head straight for Hit-Girl.

8. A Softy


Cinema Blend

No matter how badass she can be, when it comes to subjects like Big Daddy, she’s as soft as that Snuggles bear.

7. Cosplay Favorite



Whether you’re 8 or 80, a male or female, Hit-Girl can be played to perfection.

6. Small & Feisty



She might look as sweet as a kitten, but she’s got the bite of a lion.

5. She Can Make Men Cry



Who doesn’t love a girl who has the ability to make grown men whimper for their mommies?

4. Good Company



She was a loner for a while, but at least her social circle expanded to include at least one nice guy.

3. Proves Younger Girls Kickass


Tumblr, Uproxx

While Wonder Woman is reserved for gals like your mom, Hit-Girl is your superhero.

2. Way with Words - NSFW

Watch: Kick-Ass 2 NSFW Red-Band Trailer

A mouth of a sailor, that’s what she’s got and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

1. Fighting Skills - NSFW

Admit it, you too have tried (and failed) to imitate her moves. Then you sat there and just admired them greatly.


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