'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters': Top 10 Gods You’d Want As Parents


Percy Jackson didn’t ask to be born the son of Poseidon, in "Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters" but it’s pretty cool to think about. Just imagine how different and exciting your life would be in you were a demigod. Having an immortal being as your parent might have its downsides, but let’s not focus on the negative. We’re here to talk about the gods, goddesses and deities that’d be just as great to have as parents as the God of the sea.

10. Chronos: God of Time


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There is one thing that comes to mind when you inherit a little of that time power – changing the clocks when it comes to curfew.

9. Hera: Goddess of Heavens


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A woman with that much power can only raise a winner.

8. Dionysus: God of Wine


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Two words: party time.

7. Gaia: Mother Earth


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Those who are into the whole “stay green” movement couldn’t ask for a better parent. There’d be nothing but carpools in Hybrids and saving rainforests on weekends.

6. Ares: God of War


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Trouble at school? Don’t forget your old man knows a thing or two about solving problems…the hard way.

5. Demeter: Goddess of Agriculture


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You’d never go hungry.

4. Zeus: King of Gods


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If Hera wasn’t enough, just picture your life with the ultimate ruler as your pops.

3. Athena: Goddess of Intelligence


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School would be a breeze and you could actually answer all the questions on "Jeopardy," and not just during Kid’s Week either.

2. Apollo: God of Music


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Inheriting a musical gift would definitely land you in band. Adios 9-5, hello touring the world.

1. Aphrodite: Goddess of Love


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It’s hard to hate the idea of her as your mother. Really, we tried and it was damn near impossible.