Del Toro Enlists 'Blood: The Last Vampire' And 'Metal Gear' Artists For 'Pacific Rim' Posters


"Pacific Rim" wore its anime and Japanese science action influences where everyone could see them (I don't know how many people I came across pointing out the "Evangelion" comparisons). Well, director Guillermo del Toro went a step further, commissioning a pair of posters from famed Japanese illustrators Katsuya Terada and Yoji Shinkawa to honor the the film's release.

First, there's Yoji Shinkawa's piece promoting the Japanese Real 3D release of "Pacific Rim," depicting Jager Gipsy Danger standing over a defeated kaiju. Shinkawa's work should be familiar to fans of Kojima Productions titles "Zone of the Enders" and "Metal Gear Solid." And this is a cool thing I didn't know about his work: he provided the monster designs for Ryuhei Kitamura's ("Versus") "Godzilla: Final Wars," which was Toho's last film in the kaiju series as they made plans to retire the franchise for a few years.


Next up is this piece by occasional "Nintendo Power" artist Katsuya Terada. While that's how many fans of a certain age were introduced to him here in the West, his big project is the enduring "Blood: The Last Vampire," which has been both animated in a feature and series as brought to the big screen in a live-action film.

So which one is your pick?


[Source: Comic Natalie via Anime News Network]