Smell Like You Created A Universe Thanks To Stan Lee Signature Cologne

Stan Lee

Stan "The Man" Lee is many things, but "stinky" isn't one of them. Now, thanks to Jads International, you too can give off the sweet aroma of success -- and possibly the adulation of millions with the Stan Lee Signature Cologne! No guarantees. Recently, at Wizard World New York, fans of Stan Lee (and manly fragrances) had a chance to meet The Man, and we have the photos.

Stan Lee Signing

Stan Lee Cologne

As I know nothing of high-class perfumes, here's the description of the cologne:

"Nuff Said". Stan Lee's Signature Cologne is as sophisticated as Smilin Stan Lee himself. The fragrance is as adventurous as Stan's superheroes, yet it can make you feel a bit villainous. Stan himself wanted it that way for his beloved fans.

It has Stan's personal touch as it possesses crisp blends of bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil, and violet layered in with accords of cedar, vetiver and musk. This enticing scent will make you a "True Believer".

Not bad for $24.99, right?

Stan Lee Signing 2

Oh, and Jason David Frank (The Green Ranger!) is also a fan:

Green Ranger 2

Green Ranger

While the cologne is cool, I really, REALLY want one of those t-shirts!

For more info on how to procure your own bottle of Stan Lee's essence, be sure to check out Jads International's official website!