The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: 'Lady Sabre,' 'O Human Star,' And More

The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week

Despite seemingly everyone in the comics industry being at San Diego Comic-Con this past week, webcomics were still getting published and still catching people's eyes! Here's what you missed while you were trying to keep up with Comic-Con news!

5. Lady Sabre: Chapter 10 begins!

Lady Sabre

"Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffible Aether" has garnered a fair amount of attention already because it's being published by two creators that are fairly well-known for their print work. Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett have been telling an entertaining tale, but took a bit of a break while they launched a Kickstarter project. But they're back this week with the start of Chapter 10!

4. Sam & Fuzzy: Where are they now?

Sam & Fuzzy

Sam Logan's webcomic has been running for quite some time now, and has a long history that can appear daunting for new readers. But this week, he's taken a small step back to catch everyone up to speed on what some of the characters have been up to. Continuity may or may not be relevant here.

3. O Human Star: The moment of truth!

O Human Star

Brendan and Alistair have been in close quarters almost around-the-clock to get their revolutionary AI project working. Writer/artist Blue Delliquanti cleverly switches the ongoing story between the past and the present, so readers already know how world-changingly successful this eventually becomes, but these two are sharing their project now for the first time, and they're still hoping things don't backfire!

2. Pictures of You: Pictures of You opens!

Pictures of You

Gibson Twist has been working on the "Pictures of You" webcomic for several years now, looking at the lives of a small circle of friends over the course of several years. This week, the photos that Sam has been taking all this time are now on display in an exhibit fittingly titled "Pictures of You."

1. The Specialists: The death of Elijah!

The Specialists

A glitch of some kind sent this installment of Al Fukalek and Shawn Gustofson's webcomic out into the wild earlier than they intended, but they didn't pull it down, so I'm including it in this week's column. Death scenes, of course, can be trite and over-wrought (particularly in comics) but they put a very touching scene down here, and one which will certainly resonate with Hartman for years to come.