Fans Discover A 'Regular Show' Blu-Ray Easter Egg And Limited Edition Print

Regular Show Header

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right-- this combination of the directional pad, followed by hitting the A and B buttons a couple of times would unlock unlimited lives on many an 8-bit NES game back in the day. Now, the "Konami Code" can unlock something almost as satisfying on the "Regular Show: The Complete First & Second Seasons" Blu-Ray, especially if you score one of the limited prints. Prints? Yep, read on!

Regular Show Blu-Ray Cover

Scrolling through Tumblr can sometimes lead to big surprises, sure 99% of the time it's an image of gif of freakish porn, but there's always that 1% left for truly mind-blowing greatness. This is one of those times. As "milo" posted on his Tumblr, it appears a limited edition print, by "Regular Show" creator J.G. Quintel, has been inserted into 1000 random copies of the recently released Blu-Ray edition of "Regular Show: The Complete First & Second Seasons"!

Regular Show Mystery Print

Pretty friggin' awesome, right? Well, that's not all! On the back of the print, a note was attached:

Regular Show Easter Egg Code

So, not only can you score an hand-done print by the show's creator, but you can even watch how it was made! My advice, buy a copy of the Blu-Ray, and if you already have...well, it might be worth snagging another. You can never have too much "Regular Show"!

Read the original post on Tumblr here.


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