SDCC 2013: Greg Capullo And Added Articulation Rule These Reveals From DC Collectibles


Greg Capullo Batman Header Image

This year's San Diego Comic-Con just wrapped up, and we saw that DC Collectibles wated no time in revealing a number of upcoming action figures and statues that all push the envelope past what we're used to seeing from the company!

Designer Series Greg Capullo Action Figures

Greg Capullo Batman Figure

Greg Capullo Nightwing Figure

Greg Capullo Talon Figure

Regardless of the name, these are not action figures of Greg Capullo, but rather three dimensional representations of his incredibly badass artwork in the pages of "Batman." Talon, Nightwing, and the Dark Knight himself are the three to be revealed and, beyond the sculpted stylings, the noticeable addition of ab-hinges, ball-joint hips, thigh swivels, and other articulation points have me instantly frothing at the mouth to own these. The long wait until Spring 2014 will be an arduous one...

"Arrow" Action Figures

Arrow and Deathstroke Figures

While a full line-up hasn't been announced, the first two figures based on their looks on the popular CW show have been revealed: Arrow and Deathstroke! Both clock in at around 7" and are continuing DC Collectibles new initiative of added articulation. When are they going to be available? Yep, you guessed it: Spring of 2014

Suicide Squad Action Figure 3-Pack

DC Collectibles Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Deadshot Figure

Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang

Harley Quinn, Deadshot (Yes!), and Captain Boomerang are being released in Spring of 2014 as a set. So, much like their forced alliance in the pages of Suicide Squad, these three are stuck with each other-- until you free them from their plastic prison, anyway!

DC Comics Icons 1:6 Scale Statues

DC Comics Icons Batman Statue

DC Comics Icons Cyborg Statue

Batman and Cyborg, as they currently appear in the pages DC Comics' Justice League, are the next two additions to the Icons series of statues. They're listed as being available in Spring of 2014.


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