SDCC 2013: The Top 10 Must-See Cartoon Panels

With mere days left until San Diego Comic-Con, we’re still trying to figure out our schedules, which at this point look like the plans for the Invasion of Normandy, albeit with much, much lower stakes.

As we attempt to train our bodies and minds for the oncoming onslaught through a combination of battle plans and at least one hour a day on the elliptical machine (resistance 100), we choose to share our knowledge with y’all through a listing of super-top panels worth your time, energy and in some cases, standing in line for ungodly amounts of time.

As such, here are our some of our favorite panels in the area of animation.  They’re all in chronological order for your convenience!  Let’s go!

10. Cartoon Hangover: Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat, and Friends (Thursday July 18, 2 p.m.-3 p.m., Room 28DE): If you haven’t been following the space adventures of the Bravest Warriors from “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward on YouTube, you’re missing a treat — and if you haven’t checked out the other fine animated Cartoon Hangover shorts from the likes of James Kochalka and others, you’re a COMMUNIST.  Sorry we had to throw down on you like that.  But just watch the new “Bee and Puppycat” short from Fionna and Cake creator Natasha Allegri and tell us this is not THE MOST ADORABLE.

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