SDCC 2013: The Top 10 Must-See Cartoon Panels



With mere days left until San Diego Comic-Con, we're still trying to figure out our schedules, which at this point look like the plans for the Invasion of Normandy, albeit with much, much lower stakes.

As we attempt to train our bodies and minds for the oncoming onslaught through a combination of battle plans and at least one hour a day on the elliptical machine (resistance 100), we choose to share our knowledge with y'all through a listing of super-top panels worth your time, energy and in some cases, standing in line for ungodly amounts of time.

As such, here are our some of our favorite panels in the area of animation.  They're all in chronological order for your convenience!  Let's go!

10. Cartoon Hangover: Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat, and Friends (Thursday July 18, 2 p.m.-3 p.m., Room 28DE): If you haven't been following the space adventures of the Bravest Warriors from "Adventure Time" creator Pendleton Ward on YouTube, you're missing a treat -- and if you haven't checked out the other fine animated Cartoon Hangover shorts from the likes of James Kochalka and others, you're a COMMUNIST.  Sorry we had to throw down on you like that.  But just watch the new "Bee and Puppycat" short from Fionna and Cake creator Natasha Allegri and tell us this is not THE MOST ADORABLE.

9. South Park: The Stick of Truth (Thursday July 18, 6 p.m.-7 p.m., Room 6BCF): We've no idea how well this long-delayed "South Park" RPG will turn out, but the presence of creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone gives us hope -- and their presence at this panel gives us hope that said panel will be hilarious.

8. Cartoon Network: Regular Show/Adventure Time  (Friday July 19, 10 a.m.-11 a.m. and 11 a.m-12 p.m., Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront): Perhaps the definition of "You ain't gettin' in," the panels with the cast and crew of these surreal animated favorites are grand affairs, with songs, "radio play"-style shorts, peaks at upcoming episodes and more.  Thankfully, video usually surfaces online. Methinks next year these will get all the way to the 6,000-seat Hall H.

7. The Venture Bros (Friday July 19, 12:15 p.m.-1 p.m., Indigo Ballroom< Hilton San Diego Bayfront): Also in danger of "You ain't gettin' in," this relatively brief panel is a chance to pick the brains of series creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, though lord knows you might not like what you find.  It's DARK in there.

6. Hasbro Studios: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Saturday July 20, 10 a.m.-11 a.m., Room 25ABC): Look, I'm staying the hell away from this one.  I realize this is a charming show that contains many witty pop-cultural references, but there is no way I am putting myself in danger of becoming a "Brony." I SEEN things, people. Things I can't unsee.  So y'all take y'all vinyl Rainbow Dash toys and y'all fan art and do y'all thing, but I'm keepin' on keepin' on.  Though I am going to try to score one of the exclusive DJ Pon3 toys at the Hasbro booth, the scalping market for that is going to be AMAZING.

5. Gravity Falls (Saturday July 20, 11 a.m.-12 pm., Room 7AB): Despite being on the air for less than a year, y'all ain't gettin' in to this panel for the Disney Channel hit, which has blown up big time.  As it should -- it's hilarious, poignant and has Kristin Schaal.  There'll be an exclusive clip from the finale, a Q&A, and a preview of the upcoming Disney Channel show from "Powerpuff Girls" creator Craig McCracken, which should be the object of obsession NEXT Comic-Con.

4. Cartoon Network New Comedies: Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence (Saturday July 20, 3 p.m.-4 p.m., Room 6A): Get on the big cult hits before they even premiere with this trio of new shows.  We're already obsessed with "Steven Universe," the tale of an awkward young boy who is inexplicably a member of a mystic team of gem-themed heroines -- it's not only the first Cartoon Network series created by a woman, but that woman is Rebecca Sugar, whose visually-lush and song-filled style resulted in many of the best episodes of "Adventure Time."  See 'em now before the crowds come next year.

3. [adult swim]: Rick and Morty (Saturday, July 20, 5 p.m.-5:45 p.m., Room 25ABC): We don't know squat about this new animated series, other than it's from "Community" creator Dan Harmon...and that's all we need to know.  Also, it's co-created by Justin Roiland, known for his work on "Fish Hooks" and as the Earl(s) of Lemongrab on "Adventure Time."  ACCEPTABLE.

2. Batman: The Animated Series Turns 21 (Saturday, July 20, 5:45 p.m.-6:45 p.m., Room 6DE): Paul Dini, Bruce Timm and associates spending an hour recalling the origins of the animated series that pretty much changed the face of cartoons, not to mention superhero comics?  Sweet Lord, THIS is why y'all go to Comic-Con.

1. 25 Years of the Disney Afternoon: The Legacy (Saturday July 21, 2 p.m.-3 p.m., Room 7AB): Man, this is pretty much one of the best things ever -- the people behind the likes of "Darkwing Duck," "Rescue Rangers" and more discussing when afternoon syndicated cartoons had great animation and stories and stuff.  No dubbed-over "Pokemon" knock-offs back then, no SIR!  Life was GOOD in the 1990s, and don't you forget it.  Man, those shows were awesome.  Let's relive the intro one more time!

So those are our picks (plus the "Archer" panel, which, put bluntly, you ain't gettin' in).  Any animated series you're planning to check out at Comic-Con?  Let us know!