The Best Thing Ever Of The Day: A Wedding Dress Made Entirely Out Of LEGOs!

Lego Wedding Dress Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

We've seen some pretty crazy LEGO art, but this dress really takes the (wedding) cake!

Lego Wedding Dress

Artist Rie Hosokai created this stunning dress as a contribution to Tokyo's "Piece of Peace" charity exhibit at the Parco Museum. In a statement accompanying the piece, Hosokai argued that

"In the modern trend...all things whole get broken down, [and] for that reason, people now seek to reconstruct their consciousness by extending it onto others. Through this process of extension, we have learned to unravel things down to their basic elements. We construct things from the most basic building blocks."

More simply put, in order to find truth (or in Hosokai's words, "the answer"), we must construct our world piece-by-piece through our connections to those around us. Pretty nifty, no? Although it certainly seems as though it would be difficult to construct much of anything while wearing that dress.

For more awesome fashion made out of crazy materials, you can check out Rie Hosokai's website here!