The Best Ink From ‘Inc’: The Top 10 ‘Monsters Inc’ Tattoos

It seems like just yesterday we were all heading out to see Monsters, Inc. in theaters, but actually it’s been over a decade – and now Disney and Pixar are bringing our favorite monsters back into our lives with Monsters University! Yes, a sequel following up with lovable human Boo would’ve been amazing, but we’ll take the prequel. And to celebrate, we’re giving you the top 10 tattoos inspired by Mike Wazowski and Co. Here’s the best ink, from ’Inc’:

White Boy Ink
10. Give Him a Hand
Round of applause for Sulley!

Disney Swoonerd
9. Mike & Walt
Sure, Walt didn’t really create them, but okay.

8. Mike & Sulley Chillin’
When they aren’t collecting laughter, they’re just hanging out.

7. Mike Surprised to See You
Is this when he sees himself on TV?

Geeky Rant
6. Opposites Attract
Mike’s happy to see you! And Sulley? Well, he’s terrified.

5. Mike Approved
“I’m Monsters Inc!”

4. Grumpy Kitty
Sulley does not approve of this tattoo, but we do!

Disney Ink
3. Pixar Simplistic
It’s void of color, but still has a lot of life.

Check Out My Ink
2. The Whole Family
I’m surprised there aren’t more that showcase the power of the door. Plus, bonus Woody!

Tattoo Gathering
1. Mike Freaking Out
We’re going to imagine they’re terrified of Boo somewhere else on this dude’s body.

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