10 Dino-Riffic ‘Jurassic Park’ Tattoos

Jurassic Park has been the definitive movie when it comes to dinosaurs for 20 years now! Sorry, We’re Back, but it’s true. You’re a close second. Anyways, Jurassic Park is such an iconic film that it’s not only inspired many kids to pursue an interest in our prehistoric friends, but has become a mainstay for fans who just can’t shake the power of that shot when the characters first see the dinos roaming in the field: goosebumps, people. And just like its staying power, many fans have made their own tribute to the movie. So to celebrate its 20th anniversary (that’s today!), we’re giving you the Top 10 Jurassic Park tattoos:

10. “Life, uh, finds a way” is what Jeff Goldblum concludes in the movie, and this girl put her own spin on it as a permanent reminder.

9. Giraffes didn’t exist in Dinosaur times, but it’s a cute take on the logo and fuses together the person’s love of the movie and the other long neck creatures.

8. Why wouldn’t you breed raptors when creating a dinosaur park?

7. This little guy was the reason we thought we could pass science tests when they asked about DNA.

6. Another logo, but this time teaming it with a quote, perfection.

5. Not all quotes have to be philosophical in meaning.

4. Big fan? We really hope so since they got Dr. Alan Grant on them forever.

3. They bred them and then they terrorized, but don’t they look remarkable here? The answer you’re looking for is most definitely.

2. Mixing a line with a dino and giving it a comic book like twist almost makes it the best, almost.

1. The gates to the world we’ve all dreamed was real, and even a ticket to get in. Well done.

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