The 10 Best Animated Dads - Ever!


It’s that time of year when we’ve done away with the butterfly and pastel adorned greeting cards, and traded them in for ones littered in sporting goods and blue. Father’s Day is here, but when it comes to the animated dads, it's a mixed bag. Most don’t have the nurturing charisma that their motherly counterparts do, but we love them anyway... Because underneath their hard shell made up of attitude, yelling and furrowed brows, are great, great Dads. Here are the ten best... Ever:

10. Nigel Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys


When going to work with your dad means gaining the ability to talk to animals, you can only call your life "smashing."

9. Oscar Proud, Proud Family


Being overprotective is a parent’s job, and Oscar takes the task a little too serious at times... But that only means he cares even more, right?

8. Dave Seville, Alvin & The Chipmunks


Even though Alvin may’ve given him long lasting side effects due to stress, Dave always ended the day loving their songs – even if they were rodents.

7. Professor Utonium, Powerpuff Girls


The tale of how Professor Utonium came up with Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup might be a little creepy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good dad.

6. Bob Belcher, Bob’s Burgers


Any dad that will wax his legs and give his moustache to his sworn enemy deserves a medal from Party City that says “best dad.”

5. George Jetson, The Jetsons


Being the poster boy for dads in the future can’t be easy, especially when your Danny DeVito looking boss is always riding you.

4. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons


He may not be the brightest shade of yellow in Springfield, but Homer (almost) always means well.

3. Randy Marsh, South Park

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This is America, and in America Randy Marsh takes a huge piece of this cake all the way to his ruins... Also known as Blockbuster.

2. Hank Hill, King of the Hill


While he might love propane and propane accessories more than he loves you, you’re a close sixth: the propane, his Ladybird, his lady, sports, Alamo and then, well, you.

1. Drake Mallard, Darkwing Duck


A dad who’s a superhero  that isn’t afraid to get a little dangerous, yes please!