Dungeons And Dragons Goes Mobile With 'Arena Of War'

D&D AoW_Screenshot_Archenemy

Hasbro, owners of "Dungeons and Dragons" publisher Wizards of the Coast have announced that they are partnering with mobile game company DeNA to release "Dungeons and Dragons: Arena of War" for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

"Arena of War" is primarily being developed by DenA's Santiago, Chile studio. Tiburcio De la Carcova, Head of DeNA’s Santiago, Chile game studio, said, "The 'D&D' 5th edition is coming soon and now is the best moment to be the part of the new era of 'Dungeons and Dragons.' There was also no 'D&D' game truly designed for mobile devices and the community was clearly waiting for that."

The game will feature the usual "D&D" tropes of fantasy classes such as Rogues and Wizards, races such as Dwarves and Elves, and the ever-present story of forming a party of adventurers to slay your enemies. "The majority of the development team is comprised of 'D&D' fans, so it was really important for us to create an authentic 'D&D' gameplay experience. We are working very closely with the Wizards of the Coast team to be faithful to 'D&D'," said De la Carcova.

D&D AoW_Screenshot_Battle

With the game coming to platforms that feature tens of millions of users, DeNA needed to decide how to focus the game. So who is the audience for Arena of War? De la Carcova said, "Arena of War can be played very casually, but it has the deepness required for a 'D&D' fan. You can play it hack and slash style, but if you really want to be on top of the leaderboards you will invest a lot of time developing your character and your party."